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This Scholarship Empowered Me

My name is Rachel Stoneman, and I am an 18 year old, first-year college student at Volunteer State Community College. I am a proud graduate of McGavock High School as of May 2016, and I am extremely grateful and honored to have received the McGavock Scholars scholarship because it has allowed me to go into my college years confident, prepared, and excited. This scholarship empowered me with a strong sense of independence because I didn’t have to ask my parents to pay for my books, which everyone knows can be expensive. Not to mention, it feels great knowing that I earned it through my hard work. I am also a Tennessee Promise student, so instead of spending hours at work to pay for school, I can use my time more productively and efficiently by focusing on school while also making the most of my college years. $500 can make an incredible difference to anyone who is willing to put it to good use. I feel blessed to have been a part of the McGavock community, and I appreciate the sponsors of the McGavock Scholars scholarship for enabling me to get ahead in life as a debt-free student. I plan on graduating from Vol State and transferring to a four-year university, and I am extremely optimistic about the road ahead of me.


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