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This Scholarship Helped Me the Most

My name is Shannon Moshier, and I graduated from McGavock High School in May of 2016. I was in the Academy of Health Science and Law and served as an Academy Ambassadors. I used the TN Promise—combined with a few other scholarships to help with tuition—for my first semester of college at Volunteer State Community College. The McGavock Scholars scholarship is what helped me the most, though. My major is Pre-Nursing, so I have quite a few lab courses that I have to take for my degree. These labs have expensive books, as well as lab fees. The $500 McGavock Scholars scholarship helped pay those fees, so that I did not have to go into debt for school. The scholarship was divided in half, so that I am able to have $250 not only for my first semester but for my second semester as well. I feel that this is a very important scholarship for many students who are going to college since books and fees are so expensive. I know that I personally would have struggled without the help of the community providing this scholarship to me.


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